Miami, FL, USA

©2017 by selena aguilera.


Hi friends! What’s up? Im Selena and I specialize in wedding makeup, not just because i'm literally the best makeup artist I know but because you will never know anyone who is as positive, organized and good under pressure as I am (for real life). I'm also a PHD graduate in compliments and self love, no one ever leaves my chair not obsessed with themselves. I can't help it I'm a Leo.

As a little baby superstar I made all the boys cry with my black waterline eyeliner and lip smackers vanilla latte flavored lip balm. I had a total of 9 compact mirrors and 5 lip glosses confiscated from my middle school teachers and let me just say that I was pissed! Rest assured I never let that happen in highschool, I was in the cosmetology program and the weather girl on the morning announcements… you did not want to mess with me, I swear.

Sometimes you just know! After 3 semesters of Miami Dade College I dropped out. The regular 9 to 5 lifestyle did not seem like fun so I enrolled myself to Paul Mitchell The School Miami where I was a hardcore teachers pet and none of my classmates could stand me (I don't blame them). I was head of Student Council, part of Phase 2 accelerated program, Caper winner, member of the Design team and the FIRST student to ever graduate with honors in makeup (no big deal).

For 6 years makeup and my clients have been my whole life, I'm much more a therapist and problem solver than I am an artist. My clients come to me when they need to lift their spirits and be reminded who the f*** they are. I use my carefree spirit and positivity more than i use my hands, you can always count on me to lighten up the mood in a hectic situation.

Thats where weddings come into play, I realized damn, the thing that sets my makeup apart from someone else's isn't even my makeup…. It's me! My punctuality, high self esteem, constant flowing creativity, obsessive organization, light heartedness, reliability, impeccable taste and honesty. 

Let's be friends, send me a message and you can tell me all about your love story!